IN400 - Python Basics - Lessons

Dr Paola Celio
Collaborators: Dr Pietro Corsi– Dipartimento di Scienze Università degli Studi Roma TRE, Dr Sergio Augusto Barcellos Lins – SBAI (Scienze di Base e Applicate all’Ingegneria) Università degli Studi La Sapienza
Computer Science
Atlas, Raspberry Pi, Python development, Web interfaces, Lammps, Cloud distribution, Database performance, X-ray data analysis

Due to Corona virus lessons will be helded online remember to register on teams and feel free to contact us for any trouble

We recommend: Teams (needed) to follow the lesson and for Python module intall python 3.7 or later version on your computer (version 2.X is no more supported) and create an account to access to Google Colab (any previous Google account will work). We ask for Google Colab cause python installation may result different on different Operative Systems and depends also from your configuration with this tool you’re safe from any trouble on your computer.

These lessons are a project created from me, Pietro Corsi and Sergio Lins my colleagues that share with me love for computer programing and game, if you're interested we are involved also in machine learning with python that we're teaching in cycle of seminars.