IN400 - Python Basics - Lessons

Dr Paola Celio
Collaborators: Dr Pietro Corsi– Dipartimento di Scienze Università degli Studi Roma TRE, Dr Sergio Augusto Barcellos Lins – SBAI (Scienze di Base e Applicate all’Ingegneria) Università degli Studi La Sapienza
Computer Science
Atlas, Raspberry Pi, Python development, Web interfaces, Lammps, Cloud distribution, Database performance, X-ray data analysis

We’re ready to publish the official dates of our lessons that you can find below before each lesson you can download the slides . We recommend you to check the section “Tools to practice” to have your computer well suited for exercise part this will be the best choice due to corona virus time.

These lessons are a project created from me, Pietro Corsi and Sergio Lins my colleagues that share with me love for computer programing and game, if you're interested we are involved also in machine learning with python that we're teaching in cycle of seminars.
DayTimeTopicLink to lesson's slides 
November 216:00 - 19:00Computer basic knowledgeLesson 1
November 518:00 - 20:00Computer basic knowledgeLesson 2
November 916:00 - 19:00Programming language introduction​Lesson 3
November 1218:00 - 20:00Programming language introduction​Lesson 4File di testo
November1616:00 - 19:00Data Types, Variables, Conditions​Lesson 5
Lesson 5
November 1918:00 - 20:00Data Types, Variables, Conditions​Lesson 6
Lesson 6
November 2316:00 - 19:00Python structures and Loop
Lesson 7
November 2618:00 - 20:00Python structures, other looping methods and introduction to imagesLesson 8
November 3016:00 - 19:00PythonLesson 9
December 418:00 - 20:00PythonLesson 10
December 716:00 - 19:00Python
December 1018:00 - 20:00PythonLesson 11
December 1416:00 - 19:00Python
December 1718:00 - 20:00Python
December 2116:00 - 19:00Python